Monday through Thursday - 7:00am-2:00pm

The facility will be closed on Federal holidays.

The Fitness Center reserves the right to alter and amend the hours of operation from time to time as the need arises.

Note: Members are not permitted in the center before or after operational hours. Members must be leaving the center at time of closing.


Upon entering the Fitness Center, ALL members are required to scan in, using their Fitness Center ID (bar code key tag). Scanning in allows EAA Fitness to keep track of the number of members that are using the facility on a daily basis. Not scanning will make utilization numbers seem low.  Consistently low utilization numbers will result in the reduction of hours the Fitness Center is open.


Guests are not permitted to use any equipment in the CMS Fitness Center.  The "no guest" policy is necessary for insurance purposes.

The CMS Fitness Center is available to members who are in good financial standing with EAA Fitness.  Members, who encourage other employees or non-government employees to utilize the facility without proper payment or authorization from the Executive Director, risk having their membership terminated.


The purpose of the evaluation is to determine suitability for participation in a fitness program and to provide an exercise prescription tailored to individual need.  Members are NOT required to have an evaluation, but are encouraged to take advantage of this service. Anytime during the course of your membership, feel free to make an appointment for a new workout program or update an existing one. Fitness staff can also keep a continuous record of your weight, measurements and body fat analysis if desired.


All participants wishing to join are required to complete a New Member Application. If you are 55 years of age or older or have answered YES to one or more of the first 8 questions regarding heart health, you will be required to have your doctor complete and return our physician's referral form before you are permitted to utilize the Fitness Center. This form is available at the Fitness Center.

Members should understand that it is their responsibility to inform the CMS Fitness Center staff of any major medical conditions upon joining the fitness center or if there are any major changes to their health during the course of their membership (for example, coronary heart disease, heart surgeries, reconstructive surgeries, high blood pressure and including but not limited to, pregnancy).  Members should also report injuries that are incurred in or outside the center to Fitness Center staff.

Note: A member's file is confidential and used only by the fitness staff to properly assess a safe and productive exercise prescription.


It is not necessary for members to sign-up for Group Exercise classes. However, anyone planning to participate in any of the SPIN type classes must call the fitness center x67873 the morning of class to reserve a bike.


It is the policy of EAA Fitness, Inc. that any form of sexual harassment is strictly prohibited.  This applies to members as well as employees.  Sexual harassment is legally defined as unwelcome sexual attention.  Such conduct includes, but is not limited to:

1.     Unwelcome sexual flirtations, advances, or propositions;

2.     Verbal abuse of a sexual nature;

3.     Graphic verbal comments about an individual's body;

4.     Sexually degrading words about an individual's body;

5.     The display in the workplace of sexually suggestive objects or pictures; and

6.     Any other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

Sexual harassment interferes with an individual's performance as an employee or the general use and enjoyment of the facility by a member and can create an intimidating hostile and offensive environment, whether for employees or the membership.  It is the policy of EAA Fitness, Inc. that all employees and members should enjoy an environment free from any form of sexual harassment.

EAA Fitness, Inc. considers sexual harassment, in any form, to be a serious offense and will deal with it by discipline appropriate to the circumstances up to and including termination of employment or termination of membership.

Any employee or member who believes that he or she is or has been the subject of sexual harassment should immediately report the incident to the facility supervisor or to any other officer of EAA Fitness, Inc.  All such complaints will be investigated by EAA Fitness, Inc. in a timely fashion and resolved appropriate to the investigation determination.

This policy applies universally; employees as to members, members as to employees, and members as to members and employees as to employees.


The CMS Fitness Center, its affiliates, agents or employees, are not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen personal property.  Lost articles may be found in the “lost and found” box located next to the member workout folders.


The lockers and storage shelves are provided for the convenience of members while using the fitness center, but not for daily storage.  It is recommended that members use their own locks when securing their belongings.

Note:  All personal belongings have to be removed daily as locks will be cut off and property will be removed at the end of each day.


The CMS Fitness Center does not provide a towel service. Members are requested to supply their own towels to wipe their perspiration off all of the machines they use.


All members must wear appropriate clothing and shoes when utilizing the fitness center.  Proper clothing includes gym shorts, shirts, warm-up suits, running apparel, or leotards and proper shoes include rubber soled athletic shoes (no black soled shoes are allowed on the Exercise Studio floor as they will damage the surface).

Note:  The CMS Fitness Center Staff reserves the right to deny admission to anyone wearing clothing with suggestive, lewd, or offensive logos.


Please don't forget about personal hygiene!  Nothing is more offensive than foul odors.  Refrain from wearing heavy perfume or cologne as the perfume mixes with perspiration and can cause an unpleasant odor. Choose to wear fresh, clean workout clothes each day. When laundering workout clothing please remember any equipment you might use, i.e., lifting gloves, wraps, braces, etc.  These materials collect your sweat during activity and if not cleaned regularly, produce foul odors.


The Fitness Center cannot play member's personal music and/or videos as its affiliates, agents or employees will not be responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen personal property.  The Fitness Center will only play selections that are the property of EAA Fitness, Inc. or the Agency.


There are personnel policies in place that govern leave for employees using the fitness facility.  A Comptroller General decision states that excused absence may not be granted to employees during the workday to use the fitness center facilities.  However, employees have other options available to them:

     Their own time before and after the workday;

     Lunch period;

     Flextime for those authorized (flexing in and out and offsetting the time at the end of the day);

     Annual leave; or

     A combination of flextime and/or annual leave taken alone or in conjunction with the lunch period.


The CMS Fitness Center provides trained fitness professionals who have degrees in exercise physiology, fitness management or a related field.  Additionally, the on-site staff has been trained in the areas of fitness assessments, exercise prescriptions, individual fitness program development, and customer service.  The Fitness Center's personnel are dedicated to providing a safe, effective and enjoyable workout environment for each member.  If you have an appointment and need to cancel or reschedule, please give 24 hours notice.  If you are unfamiliar with a piece of equipment or an exercise, please make one of the staff aware as they will be happy to help you!


No sign up required.  During peak hours, a maximum of 30-minutes use for any one type of cardiovascular conditioning machine is suggested. Please be courteous and relinquish the machine promptly if others are waiting. Please wipe off equipment after using. Spray bottles & paper towels are provided at the front desk.


Members should follow the instructions for using each piece of equipment exactly as outlined by the center staff and are asked not to use any equipment, including free weights, without the proper supervision or guidance of the Fitness Center Staff.

When using the free weights, members are expected to practice the following rules in order to avoid injury to themselves or their fellow members:

     Use collars while performing any barbell exercises.

     Always return free weights, barbells and dumbbells to their proper location after each use.

     Use a qualified spotter while performing barbell and dumbbell exercises in order to avoid injuries.

     Never drop free weights, barbells and dumbbells, as this may cause harm to others and/or damage the equipment.

Note:  Members are asked to be courteous when using the resistance equipment and not to repeat sets on a machine if someone is waiting to use it!


Members should understand and acknowledge that equipment may, from time to time, be out of order.  When special factory parts must be ordered, some units may be unavailable for several weeks.  Members are asked to report damaged equipment to a center staff person as to avoid possible harm to others and to speed up the repair process.


Members may not transfer memberships to any other person.


Members are required to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the CMS Fitness Center.  Should a member violate any of these rules and regulations or any others posted in the facility, or if a member's conduct is not in the best interest of the membership, the Executive Director may suspend or terminate that individual's membership.


The CMS Fitness Center Staff reserves the right to amend, delete or add to these rules and regulations as necessary for the proper operation of the facility.